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Montreal Guitar Show

I have been fortunate to have had a table at the first four Montreal Guitar Show's and look forward to the fifth one
July 1 - 3rd, 2011.

I'd like to thank Jacque Andre for putting on such a great event and Arno for all of his help. The tremendous support and encouragement from the other builders and the enthusiasm of the public towards the guitars is very much appreciated.




GUITAR PLAYER covered the 2008 Montreal Guitar Show in its 2008 October issue. I am most fortunate that the photo of my exhibit was one of only three luthiers' tables to be included with the article. Many thanks to Associate Editor, Barry Cleveland for my inclusion and his kinds words.(Photo and quote form the magazine appear below.)

2008 Montreal Guitar Show

"Brian Kingston chose to present the more electric end of his offerings at the show, including these three semi-hollow beauties, all of which sounded wonderful and played like the proverbial butter".

- Barry Cleveland, Associate Editor

VOL. 42, NO. 10, OCTOBER 2008


  Harmony Central has a review of the Fusion, posted Feb 2011, by recent client Kevin from Dallas, Texas.  


I call everybody who purchases my guitars when they send in their warranty cards and answer any questions; and ask a few questions.

I won’t try to quote them but will provide a quotation from a note included with the card returned by new customer Alain Rohan of St. Paul, MN.

“Please find my owner registration enclosed with this letter. I have just purchased one of your archtops from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. I bought the guitar based purely on the description (of its sound) by Mr. Andrew Smith at the store, and on the photos available at the Gruhn Guitar website.

I like the guitar a great deal and intend to keep it. It has fine sound and the slim neck fits my fairly small hands. The wood seems to have been carved very delicately, something which I always consider masterful and which often imparts the best sound to such archtop guitars.

I have collected a number of guitars over the years, and consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the area. I have been playing guitar for nearly four decades. Your guitar, my latest acquisition, is certainly something special, and a mark of someone who puts considerable 'soul' in his work.”



One week after launching my website, I recieved this message from Bob Belmont of South Carolina...

"I am the owner of Guitar # 130003 purchased @ Gruhns April of 05 and am very pleased with the guitar it not only looks great but feels right and has a wonderful sound I have played it on many gigs since its purchase and get comments from listeners about its looks and sound.

I am very pleased that you have a website now and are going to be @ the Montreal guitar show. (unfortunately, I cannot attend the show) I would like to discuss with you about building me another guitar w / a mounted pickup?"



“My Kingston guitar beautifully combines exquisite craftsmanship with gorgeous tone and playability. Love it!"


- Don Ross


(Used with permission.)
(Don, a CR-P owner, is a world-renowned fingerstylist and is the only person to ever win the US Fingerpicking Championships twice.)




“I've played Brian's thinlines and I love them. They sound great and are fun to play. There aren't too many folks out there willing to put in the time to make these guitars sing."


- Tom Ribbecke


(Used with permission.)
(Tom is among the worlds' premiere archtops luthiers and his thinlines are the finest on the planet.)


"...In Nov.'07 I bought from Fine Guitar Consultants(Richard Glick) in San Diego a BCKingston Fusion. It is blue and mahogany. I saw it, played it and loved it. I am really happy with this wonderful guitar and want to thank you for your wonderful work. I play a lot of Jazz and Smooth Jazz. Your guitar is the perfect instrument for me. I used to take three different guitars on a gig, but now, I only play the Kingston Fusion and it works for everything."

Prof. Dr. Stefan Alkier

(Used with permission)
(Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitat,Frankfurt,Germany)


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